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Our Mission

The primary business of SMK is to provide Services to healthcare and other small business Professionals. The focus is to reduce the Client’s administrative workload, thereby enabling them to better focus on their primary business mission. SMK has a cost effective solution for many of those business chores that distract, extend the hours of, and in other ways diminish the rewards of being a small business professional. We take care of you, so you can take care of your business.



Leasing of professional office space
Development assistance for tenants


Business Philosophy

SMK Developments Ltd. (SMK) is owned and actively managed by small business professionals. SMK is a Physician owned, Texas Limited Liability Company established in 1993. SMK’s mix of services grew out of the needs of it’s client/owners desire to outsource some of the more burdensome administrative and physical plant management tasks from their own practices. In the same manner that SMK provides services to it’s owners/clients, SMK contracts to provide services to other professionals.
Our philosophy is that by being in the same business sector as our clients, SMK is “tuned in” to the Client’s needs, and thereby in the most favorable position to service those needs. Unlike a Management Services Organization, SMK does not seek to manage or control the Clients business. The focus is to assist and empower the Professional to achieve the “Optimal Environment” for their practice/business to grow and prosper. By providing a cost effective, appropriate level of service SMK seeks to build and sustain a mutually beneficial, long standing relationship with it’s Tenants/Clients.

Let us be of service to you.


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